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Thank you for visitng Ms. Ann's Hands!!! Your thoughts and comments would greatly be appreciated!  Kindly click on comments at the bottom of the page.


Wonderful, fabulous, creative fashions.  Keep up the good work

12:57 pm edt          Comments

Fannie Mae Jones
Hello Ann!! I love your work. We miss seeing ya'll this summer. Can I get prices for your work?
4:40 pm edt          Comments

Christina Dixon

Hey Ms. Patti!! The Lord is truly blessing you and I pray that He continues to bless and keep you!  I don't care what time you call me girl, just call me!!

3:36 pm est          Comments

Carolyn Kalmus
You truly are a creative genius, my friend.  Your crocheting is absolutly beautiful
3:35 pm est          Comments

Eryn Burwell
Beautiful Ann....You have a wonderful God given gift.  Wishing you much love and sucess!  Love Eryn
3:34 pm est          Comments

Lisa Lamar
I am loving this so much Ann!  I'm so scared of you Ann. What are you going to do when you blow-up?  You better hire a sister (me).  You know you need somebody like me to help you manage! Got love for you Ann keep doing you and don't stop!!!!.  Blessings to you sis for Life.  Glory To God for we Praise Him.
3:33 pm est          Comments

Leda Anderson

Hey chickie - this website is very nicely done and I am proud of you.

3:29 pm est          Comments

Anita L. McCray
Just stopping by to say congrats on the new website and to wish you showers of abundant Blessings!! 

Much Luv, Luv Much, Anita

3:26 pm est          Comments

2:12 pm est          Comments

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